Friday, June 30, 2017

Impatience Inspired Dinner

It is that sweet moment when the garden is on the cusp of providing bounty and the cook gets impatient. There have been a couple of tomatoes on salads this week and even one cucumber. Before last week's heat wave we picked 4 decent sized zucchini. But it is still a harvest that can be managed in two hands, no basket needed.  I have been watching the the first borlotti beans swell and one pattypan squash reach pickable size so I cast about in my mind for a way to actually make a meal out of them.

The winning answer was gnocchi with pancetta and veggies, 

the gnocchi flavored with garden chives,

and the pancetta browned then added to sauteed pattypan squash cubes. The borlotti beans were shelled then simmered for 30 minutes before being added to the pancetta pan along with a couple tablespoons of butter and finely minced garden sage.

It was a nice dinner that quelled the impatience of the cook, at least for the time being.

Although I think it is almost time to buy some fresh mozzerella....


Carol Michel said...

Oh boy, look at that ripe tomato. Pick it! Tell us how good it tastes!

Frances said...

My mouth was watering! What a lovely tomato, too.

Layanee said...

I am far away from the cusp of garden productivity and the first tomato so I will just enjoy yours. Home made gnocci? Divine!

Gail said...

Yum. Can I be your neighbor!