Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Garden Blogger Bloom Day January 2015

January in Central California. It is often nice this time of year, making the gardener feel that spring is right around the corner. But by the end of the month winter often returns with rain and fog and chilly nights. At least we HOPE winter returns with rain at the very least. Here are a few of the blooms I found big swaths but a few blossoms here and there. 

A gifted mini-rose that has bloomed in this spot year round for about 7 years. Tiny blooms but right outside the front door so a nice treat when coming and going.

Unknown abutilon that also blooms pretty much year round. The Cecile Brunner rambler that usually protects it took a big hit during a fall wind storm so I am hoping it makes it through this winter unscathed. By next winter its protective rose will be back on line.

One of the first Narcissus Grand Primo to bloom this year.

Rosa Lady Banks on the fence is just starting to put out a few blooms. It will be another 6 to 8 weeks before the big show.

Pansies tucked in with beets, chard and bok choi brighten up foggy days. Just a few blooms but welcome all the same!

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