Friday, January 15, 2016

Garden Blogger Bloom Day January 2016

 Layia platyglossa, a California  native with the common name tidy tips, has something in common with

this pelargonium,

abutilon Nabob, and

Lavandula pinnata buchii. 

They all have raindrops on them because it has been raining! We are still behind for the year so not rejoicing just yet but things are looking optimistic.  The forecast for the next ten days has anywhere from 40%-100% predicted precipitation, a most welcome forecast. 

A couple of other blooms do not have raindrops, this Oxalis deppei, 

a gift from Easy to Grow Bulbs that was added to my amaryllis order this year, is blooming on the patio and Echeveria diffractens 

tucked away in the nanogreenhouse, has sent up a bloom stalk. Here and there pansies brighten the flower beds and there are a few bedraggled blooms on Rosa Flower Girl.  

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for encouraging us all to check each month for blooms...I would surely have missed the echeveria if not for her.  Head over there to see what else is blooming this month around the world!