Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Trellises, Wrists and a Granddaughter

I love spring and the crazy amount of time I spend playing in the yard and I look forward to the long weekends when I can immerse myself in planting. So imagine my joy when I developed a ganglion cyst on my wrist that refused to go away even after two aspirations... resulting in instructions to wear this lovely brace for a week. Real convenient for digging. Or pretty much anything. Bottom line...the brace didn't help, the cyst is still there, and as I told the doctor, I'll check back in the fall about's gardening season! It doesn't limit my range of motion that much or hurt enough (and only when I push it) to deny myself the pleasures of the garden.
And he assured me it wouldn't hurt me in the long run to wait. So I'm slowed down and pacing myself and the gardening continues.
I did manage to get the trellises up in the child care garden and we have planted seeds and starts. We have Honey Select corn, Blue Lake pole beans, Spooktacular pumpkins, Zucchetta Trombolina squash, SuperSweet 100 cherry tomatoes, Sungold cherry tomato, Adelaide Baby carrots, chives, basil and parsley.
For Mother's Day the children planted pots with basil, chives and parsley seeds. Looking for a safe spot to keep them before Mother's Day while sprouting, I placed two spare fence boards across the trellis in my other garden bed. (I put this up last year... the idea was in Cottage Living magazine.) It worked great! Safe from the dog and certain little fingers that wanted to keep planting over and over...
I've had a few fewer gardening weekends this spring than usual...but for a very enjoyable reason. I've made several trips to San Diego...the most recent of which was to meet my brand-new granddaughter! I'm already looking forward to creating memories like I have of gardening with my grandparents...although I'll have to wait until she can at least sit up to start on that :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May Bloom Day

My blooms for May
Fibrous begonias
Heuchera "Stormy Seas"
Geranium "Rozanne"
Wisteria (reblooms a little all summer if seed pods are removed)
Rosa "Berries and Cream"
Rosa "New Dawn"
Rosa "Demitasse"
Rosa "Caldwell Pink"
White Solanum
forget-me-nots (almost done)
star jasmine
Cranesbill "Biokova"
Salvia "May Night"
Salvia "Blue Hill"
Salvia "de Otono"
scented geranium "Lady Plymouth"
lamb's ear (this just appeared...I never planted it)
Carnation Dwarf "Evermore"
pink carnation
Salvia "Victoria Blue"
Penstemon "Hidcote Pink"
Penstemon "Apple Blossom"
Penstemon heterophyllus "Blue Springs"
Scabiosa "Butterfly Blue" and "Pink Mist"
Nepeta "Walker's Low"
Society Garlic