Saturday, February 15, 2014

Garden Blogger Bloom Day February 2014

Camellia Jordan's Pride
We may be having a scary-dry winter and we may be facing a summer with severe water restrictions and we may be up a dry creek here in central California...but we do have blooms!

Narcissus Ice Follies

 Right now it is late winter as usual with bulbs erupting, fruit trees budding out, and happy pollinators appearing.

Corsican hellebore
The new-last-year corsican hellebore is opening as well!

Layia platyglossa with happy syrphid fly
The layia, also known as Tidy Tips, is a favorite with several of the pollinators seen in the last few weeks.

Leucojum aestivum
The ever reliable leucojum is one of my favorite spring bulbs.

Basking ladybug
Lady bugs have been spotted hanging out near the favas. Favas here always have an aphid outbreak and the ladybugs are on it this year. Often, right about the time I start to think the outbreak is worse than ever, soldier beetles appear as if magic and clean up the patch. We haven't gotten there yet.

Fava bean bloom and honey bee
 This honey bee also found the favas attractive.

Unknown mini early narcissus
I divided these narcissus a couple months ago. and the clump has become a mini-swath. 

Burgundy Plum
My new Burgundy plum, planted 2 years ago to replace my beloved departed Santa Rosa plum, is starting to burst into bloom. I am hoping for a nice sized crop this year. I miss plum jam!

Garden Blogger Bloom Day is brought to you by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Carol is only dreaming about her garden now since it is buried under snow but head over anyway to see what is blooming this month and where those blooms can be found!