Monday, February 27, 2012

Enjoy the Journey!

Many years ago I read a very short poem in a magazine...I think it was some teen focused magazine but I really don't remember which. I cut it out to save (today I could just pin it on Pinterest!) and I still have it, but it is ragged and at some point I laminated it with tape to prevent further deterioration. That poem struck me as something to ponder and I often wondered who wrote it since I neglected to cut out the author's name. I googled it more than once and finally it has turned up! The link shows it was printed in a high school newspaper in 1972, apparently written by a student,and it must have been sent in to the magazine at some point soon after that.

As we head closer to prime gardening season I'd like to share the poem with you...something to remember as we find ourselves in the midst of chores and seemingly endless, even if enjoyable, work.

                                     Stopping now and then to munch a dandelion
                                      I made my way into the afternoon.
                                     And when I reached my destination
                                      I found I had enjoyed the journey
                                     More than the arrival.

                                          Christin Wunderlin in the Spirit Lake Beacon,  Spirit Lake, Iowa

I hope you take the time to enjoy the journey...happy gardening!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garden Blogger Bloom Day February 2011

This sweet little unknown daffodil was a gift quite a few years ago and it has multiplied and been spread around a bit. It used to be the first daffodil to bloom but this year...

 Ice Follies has joined in at the same time. These bulbs were forced two years ago indoors in an experiment after which they were planted outdoors. They grew last year but did not bloom. This year they are apparently happier.

 Over in the succulent fountain the iceplant is blooming.

And I have visions of fava bean abundance even though only the first few blooms have appeared. Yummy!

 I am late to the hellebore party but my very first plant, purchased last year, is now blooming. I just wish it was possible to enjoy the blooms standing up.

Lavandula pinnata buchii is still blooming. An almost year round bloomer, I will admit to winter protection in the form of piazza lights and a sheet on below freezing nights. I love the brilliant blue of the blooms and am really liking the way it plays off the phormium growing in a pot that I recently relocated to a nearby spot. In the background Viburnum tinus Spring Bouquet is also blooming.

Summer snowflakes, leucojum aestivum, is a reliable favorite bulb here and is found throughout the garden.

Narcissus Erlicheer blooms along the front path, the first of the spring ephemerals planted there.

Other blooms include sweet allysum, Rosa Flower Girl, iberis, Anisodontea Hibiscus Bits, Rosa Carefree,  Prunus Krauter Vesuvius and one potted nasturtium tucked under a bench that apparently had enough cold protection to keep it happy.

Spring is showing up here and there in the Northern Hemisphere...visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to find your way to the other participants in Bloom Day!