Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Assassin Bug Family Outing

I wasn't the only one strolling about the garden this morning, checking on things. This assassin bug family was out there too.

Assassin bugs are considered beneficial insects and will eat many other insects in the garden, although they are indiscriminate feeders and will eat good insects as well as those you want them to eliminate. They will also bite humans so it is best not to try to handle them. Although they have wings they are poor flyers and will scramble about in the foliage looking for their dinner or, in this case, breakfast.

There are many types of assassin bugs; adults are usually brown or black and the nymphs are often more brightly colored, as seen in the top photo. 
I left them to enjoy their outing and hope they had as pleasant a time as I did in the cool morning air. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Succulent Fountain Overflows

 While water features are a favorite garden addition, welcome for their soothing sounds and looks, not all fountains need be of the aqueous persuasion. A non-functioning pump meant money needed to be spent on either a rather expensive replacement or else plants. Already having another fountain for sight and sound enjoyment made the decision easy!
 Since this is a fountain, after all, made to contain water, the first step in the transformation was to drill holes in the bottom basin to allow for drainage.  Several bags of succulent potting mix were used to fill the three tiers and planting began. Various succulents were gathered from their homes in pots around the garden and much rearranging was done to decide on proper placement.  After a trip (actually three) to search out additional plants the design was completed.
Now, several months later, the succulents have done as hoped and begun to overflow. It is further hoped that plans currently in development (!) will allow the plants to survive the rainy winter. Succulents don't mind our chilly winters if they don't have soaking wet feet and, although I usually move the potted succulents under the patio for protection from the rain, a different solution will be needed...I am obviously not moving the fountain!

I'm really liking the lushness of the plantings as they fill in and, with the lights on, it is pretty cool at night too!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pink Profusion

 I don't have only pink flowers blooming this month...

...although there certainly are a lot of them...

...and I'm actually sort of overwhelmed and surprised by how many there are...

...but then again, they are pretty...

...and somehow more just keep showing up.

To see more than just pink flowers, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens who once again invites garden bloggers world wide to share what is blooming in their garden. It's Garden Blogger Bloom Day and it's simply amazing out there!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Red, White and Blue

and blue.
Happy Fourth of July!!