Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garden Blogger Bloom Day June 2017

Four days into an eight day heat wave is a good time to finally put together these photos taken on Bloom Day. That was five days ago so some of the blooms have since taken a hit from the triple digit days. The only gardening happening here is checking for what needs watering each morning and a bit of deadheading before hiding out and reading all afternoon. Thank goodness for AC and the library!

When the carrots started to bolt I decided to leave them for the pollinators. Plus, the blooms are pretty!

My clump of Lilium regale hadn't bloomed the last couple years. I think they were no longer getting enough sun. So last winter I dug the clump and tried the bulbs in 3 new spots...and all of them have bloomed!

June is a good time for lavender here and several varieties are attracting dozens of bees all day long.

The passiflora is blooming and the gulf fritillaries are arriving. These are also a favorite of carpenter bees.

Roma beans have started blooming as have the borlotti beans. I am hoping to have a decent crop although this heat is not helping.

The summer blooms have started on the wisteria, sparser than the spring bloom but still very welcome.

Hemerocallis backed by coreopsis and lambs ear. They can all take the heat.

Another hemerocallis, this one backed by agapanthus and lychnis.

What appears to be the one remaining gladiolus in the garden. Guess I need to remember to order some more next spring!
For more blooms elsewhere visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens and see who has joined in this month for Bloom Day! 


Kathy said...

Lovely to see your garden. Of course the carrot is a refined form of Queen Anne's lace. And gladiolas are annuals here. Either dig them or replant every year!

Frances said...

Congratulations on the Regal Lilies! Your gardening instinct was spot on. Everything is lovely, but I hope your heat wave subsides soon. Daylilies laugh in the face of heat, but anything over 100F makes even the tough guys struggle after a while.

Unknown said...

Your garden is gorgeous!