Thursday, December 17, 2015

Garden Blogger Bloom Day December 2015

A few cold nights, even dipping below freezing a couple times, have not ended the blooms in my Zone 9b Central California garden. Here and there wax begonias, alyssum, pansies, plumbago, salvias and more are still blooming, at least a little. 

 Lavandula pinnata is a brighter blue and a bit less floriferous but brightens the view out my window.

One of the benefits of managing to occasionally post for Bloom Day is it makes me check on some things I otherwise might miss.  The osmanthus heterophyllus has such tiny blooms they don't draw your eye, but the scent when you get up close is such a treat it is worth wandering over to check closely.

I definitely need more Aster novae-angliae had bloomed steadily since June and while not at all as tall as I expected it is perfect all the same.

I wish I knew what I did to make crassula ovata bloom. They rarely do and this year there are several with a multitude of blooms. I will assume, as I have about many things this year, that it is drought related. They are in containers and got watered about once every two weeks this summer. Guess they liked that!

Salvia Wendy's Wish is a favorite of many and now I know has bloomed for a couple months and is still pretty. It will be difficult to cut back if it keeps this up!

One in every crowd...not sure if this columbine is early or late or just terribly confused.

 Since I am late posting you will find many other links waiting for you over at May Dreams Gardens where Carol has been hosting this lovely gathering for quite some time. Enjoy!


Kathy said...

If Crassula ovata is the same plant I call Jade plant and grow in the house, I read once that it has to experience a certain amount of cold before it will bloom. Have your nights been on the cool side?

Anonymous said...

It's fun to see outdoor blooms in December. I do love Wendy's Wish.~~Dee

Cindy, MCOK said...

You and I have some of the same blooms. Since Wendy's Wish is doing so well for you, you might try Amistad Salvia, too. It's still blooming here, along with WW.

Gail said...

Lovely blooms. Wendy looks great and so does the lavender. xoxogail