Sunday, November 15, 2015

Garden Blogger Bloom Day November 2015

November! And...rain! Certainly not enough (yet) to put an end to the drought but at least enough to let gardener and garden breathe a sigh of relief. For some reason, either due to the drought or to being divided, the tulbaghia has decided to bloom early instead of during its more common January bloom time. A happy thing since it is not unusual for the almost open buds to be zapped by a night's frost and turned to mush. 

Several abutilons are still blooming and I love the way the sepals peek through the petals of this one.  I also love that there are raindrops here and on a few other blooms this month.

Chrysanthemums continue to bloom...and for the first time in a long time the centers are not eaten by earwigs. I wonder if that is a gift from the drought?

This sasanqua camellia has also started blooming a tad early. 

Felicia amelloides, blue marguerite, is back in bloom. It often slows down in the heat of late summer and picks back up when things cool off.

Another abutilon...this one with lovely veining on the petals.

Scented geraniums also like the cooling weather.

Rosa 'Flower Girl' is back to her pretty pink color after a season of white blooms caused by the summer heat. 

San Miguel Island buckwheat, eriogonum grande rubescens, blooms in the redone front garden. It is one of the plants I am trying out to see what can survive in this new area with very minimal watering. 

Although it has been a long dry summer there are still enough blooms to gladden the gardener as well as the local pollinators. Here's hoping for more rain! 

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Carol Michel said...

Looks great. I envy the camellias the most.

growingagardenindavis said...

But you HAVE some now!

Alana said...

I am trying to grow a camilla in upstate New York - enjoyed yours. Even in Seattle they grow, i know now. (sigh).

Anonymous said...

So glad you got rain. Hurray! Love abutilons. ~~Dee

Kathy said...

Lovely everything! My lawn is still green but except for a few stalwarts, the flowers are done until mud season.

Patsy Bell said...

I just love the blue of the Felicia amelloides, blue marguerite. Your post are always a pleasure and make me smile.