Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Garden of Lights

In honor of the holiday season we accompanied the Sweet-Granddaughter and her parents to the Quail Botanical Gardens' Garden of Lights.
It's unfortunate that I am not a better photographer because the gardens were magical with Christmas lights among the bamboo, palms, bromiliads and ferns, as well as hundreds of temporary poinsettias.
The Walled Garden was transformed into the Poinsettia Garden for the three week event.
The Children's Garden was lit as well and featured Santa as the driver of the regular train set. If you click on the photo it will enlarge enough to see him waving even as he was speeding past.
We visited Santa and roasted a marshmallow then decided to escape before one of us got in the way of one of the flaming sticks being waved about by overenthusiastic seemingly unsupervised miniature roasters.
We made our way to the parking lot by way of one last well decorated path...this was truly a fun experience for our group giving us a very different impression of the garden than we ever got from day time visits. It was a festive beginning to our holiday celebration!


Kathy said...

I am still fascinated by big, elaborate train set-ups. But I'm not fascinated by the crowds they seem to attract. It looks like you had a fun evening with the Sweet-G

Annie in Austin said...

Lights and gardens seem to go together, don't they? Brookfield Zoo in Chicago is lit up for Holiday Magic, also lovely, but the lights are on bare branches...this lush look is so different!

Happy Christmas, Leslie!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It looks beautiful! I love when they wrap the trunks of trees with lights. What a great place to go for the holidays.

EAL said...

I love botanical garden light displays. I was looking at some on youtube the other day; many were quite spectacular. And trains--many seem to have trains. A botanical garden is at its best in winter--at least if you live in Buffalo!

Connie said...

Cool place. I got to spend 5 whole days with my own sweet granddaughter, and it was wonderful!

Sue Swift said...

Just dropped in to say how much I´ve enjoyed your blog this last year. And of course to wish you a happy and healthy 2009.

LostRoses said...

Leslie, the lights turned the garden into a magical place, didn't they? Even if you don't love your pictures, I do! They really convey the spirit of your evening.