Monday, December 15, 2008

GBBD December 2008

I came home from a weekend trip to visit my dad on a dark and stormy night. It didn't bode well for my plan to take photos for Bloom Day this morning. The first foray into the garden ended when the clouds began to empty on my camera and head...not a good photo taking situation. However, by about 10:00 this morning the clouds had parted enough for me to run and get a few shots and I decided to be happy with what I had and not worry about more or better or anything.
I'm a sucker for cyclamen at Christmas time. I often buy a plant or two (or more..) for the porch and front door garden. I like the red burst here and there when it's foggy or dreary out. After the holidays I usually tuck the plant in the ground and right around the next Christmas they begin to bloom again. The first bloom of the year is out just in time for Bloom Day, growing right next to some wax begonias beginning to go dormant for the winter.
Pansies are blooming happily in the back yard brightening the view from the back door.

The unknown pink Abutilon against the front of the house has grown over the years to about 15 feet tall. It's not the most lush plant but every time I think about cutting it back I can't make myself deprive the hummingbirds of their treat or myself of being able to see them almost everyday. Although it's leggy it blooms almost year round so there never seems to be a good time for pruning.
The wax begonias in this pot are fairly protected so are hanging in there better than the ones in the ground in the front yard. But eventually they will die back also, to return next spring.
The blue marguerite, Felicia amelloides, continues to bloom, although not as prolifically as in the heat of the summer.

Dwarf Carnation Evermore is one of my favorite plants. Rightly named, it blooms pretty much all year with only a few breaks. And it smells wonderfully reminiscent of my childhood.

Every month garden bloggers worldwide respond to Carol of May Dreams Gardens invitation to share what is blooming in their gardens (or right now, for those in more northern cold climates, in their houses!)

The more or less complete list of Davis bloomers is as follow~

Anisodontea Very Cranberry
Anisodontea Elegant Lady
Bush Mallow
Lavandula Pinnata Bucchii
Abutilon Pink Parasol
Unknown pink Abutilon
Solanum jasminoides
Solanum rantonnetii
Pink Pandorea
Garden peas
Salvia dwarf Indigo Spires
Salvia Victoria Blue
Salvia Dancing Dolls
Salvia Autumn Sage
Red Christmas cactus (indoors)
White Christmas cactus in bud (indoors)


Carol Michel said...

Abutilon gets 15 feet tall?! Here I think of it as a lovely houseplant, a bit of a large houseplant, but not anywhere near that big.

It is so nice to see gardens with so much bloom at this time of year. I like those cyclamen, too. Here we keep them as houseplants, and I've never gotten one to live for very long (don't tell anyone).

Thanks for sharing blooms with us for bloom day!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I knew I could count on you for some pretty blooms. It must be so fun to grow florist's Cyclamen in your garden. I'm sucker for them anytime. I'd keep the Abutilon too just for the hummers.

Unknown said...

Great post! My begonias are history!

Cindy, MCOK said...

Your abutilon puts mine to shame. I really ought to go out and cover it tonight. They're telling us it's likely to get down to freezing.

I haven't bought any cyclamen this season and I need to do that. They're very happy in my courtyard, where they add a nice punch of color.

Horselip's Horse Sense said...

Beautiful flowers blooming in the garden. I'm going to plant abutilon next year and I hope it does as well as yours.

EAL said...

I was intrigued by the abutilon as well. Maybe mine will get big--though not 15 feet I am sure. Nice blooms!

Kathy said...

So many of your perennials are either annuals or houseplants here. Oh. Now I see everyone just got done saying that.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your flowers, especially the pansies! In my SE Nebraska town, the temp right now is 2 degrees. Saturday, the high was in the upper 50s. I'm glad we got the garage cleaned out so I can get my car in it!

Thanks for sharing your blooms with us!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at your list! I am impressed. We are growing icicles right now.......

Jan said...

Hi Leslie, I'm just now getting around to more GBBD posts! How nice it must be to have warm weather most of the time, even if it does rain:) You took some lovely photos of the beautiful blooms in your garden. I'm impressed by that 15 abutilon! The cyclamen is pretty too...of course, I can't grow it outdoors here in VA, but perhaps I should try it as a house plant, indoors. Right now, indoor plants are difficult to keep, as my cat eats them and then he gets sick, and it's a viscious cycle that I'd rather not deal with. Anyway, I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Jan

Anonymous said...

Leslie, all the pretty blooms. We don't have much going on here. Merry Christmas.~~Dee

Annie in Austin said...

Your garden is so lovely even in December, Leslie - we may have some plants in common but they lead a different life in your climate! The 15-foot abutilon get me, too..mine died to the ground the last 2 winters, struggling back to about 10-inches each summer. And the cyclamen is staying inside!

Happy Christmas to you and yours,

Annie at the Transplantable Rose