Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to Everyday Life

I am reconnecting with my garden and realizing just how much being out there centers me...I can almost feel my heart rate and breath slow down when I feel in touch with everything out there. Luckily, I spent a few hours this weekend checking on things, watering, deadheading, and a bit of privet pruning that stayed safe, as opposed to this experience because today it hit 104 degrees and we have a few more days of similar weather is store. Not the best for yard work! I was happy to find a few surprises after being gone most of two weeks. The Italian White sunflowers have finally been kind enough to bloom...I've grown them in the past and enjoy them a lot. I found three praying mantises (manti?) which I just love...I swear they watch closely when you take their picture and they aren't very happy about it. The flock of bushtits that had visited before I left on vacation came by again leading me to assume they are hanging around nearby. The mantises and bushtits might give you a clue about the number of insects available to visitors. I have an impressive number of aphids, especially on the wisteria. The downside of getting wisteria to bloom late into the summer is that the blooms get coated with aphids and the choice is leave them be or hose them off...which of course will strip the flowers off, too. So I just give them a light trim to keep them up out of the walkway and enjoy the blooms from afar.
The garlic chives have begun to bloom and go well with the hollyhock that is probably reaching the end of it's bloom. The salvia Blue Hill is still adding some nice color and the dwarf carnation Evermore seems to be living up to its name well this year. The zinnias are a bit of a surprise, too. I tried, really I did, to get six packs with the fewest possible orange flowers...the results show I was not too successful! I suppose I should try starting my own from seeds next year. I didn't plan to plant these, so hadn't gotten any seeds. But they were one of those impulse buys that happen to the best of us and I am happy enough with them...and they make great "picking flowers" for the kids.


Connie said...

I don't know why....but orange zinnias seem to be dominant in most seed mixes I have grown. I am starting to save my own seeds, with colors recorded. Yours look pretty there with the brick edging!

Unknown said...

Beautiful flowers, Leslie. It always strikes me when I see the same things in bloom at the same time around the world, from Davis to Cleveland to Ireland. My garlic chives are about to begin as well, and my hollyhocks are finishing up, too.

Orange, pink or otherwise, I am now regretting that I never planted any zinnias. They're so cheerful at the end of the summer

Annie in Austin said...

That's a cool mantis photo, Leslie!

The short Zinnia linearis come in white and orange, and I use them in places where yellow and blue are the dominant colors. But like Kim, I regret not planting some of the bigger zinnias - at least there would be a few flowers to cut!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Tea said...

Thanks for your comment on Tea & Cookies, and what a beautiful garden you have! (clearly you are a "real" gardener, unlike me who is simply messing about:-). I look forward to reading--and learning more--from your site!