Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pre-vacation Bloom Day

I'll be on vacation for Bloom Day this month so am posting early...and limited to only a couple of new bloomers. This clematis is the first I've had that actually bloomed. I've tried several times to grow an evergreen clematis and one of my New Year's resolutions is to keep one alive. I am planning to plant one this fall in order for it to have the best possible start in our climate. But in the meantime I've got a few blooms on the jackmanii growing up into one of my banksia roses, along with Dahlia Parakeet. The white mirabilis (four o'clock) is a persistent grower. I've always liked four o'clocks but they can be pretty invasive for my small space so I decided a few years ago to pull them all out. However, every year at least one or two of varying color show up...and I'm always secretly happy. Lastly is what was supposed to be a pink canna but is not at all what I had in mind. I'm not a big canna fan to begin with and I have a friend whose yard would be a perfect setting for this. So some winter I will remember to pass it on...maybe even this year! The other thing "blooming" in my yard is several piles of bricks inherited from one of my child care families. They wanted them gone and being a brickaholic I had my son haul several hundred here. Now I'm toying with ideas...what will I do with them?


Carol Michel said...

Your blooms are pretty, and I appreciate you thinking ahead and joining in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day early. As for those bricks, I think they would like nice in a path or maybe as edging for a flower bed. If you don't have a place to use them, I bet there are a lot of gardeners who would take them off your hands.

Annie in Austin said...

I have a clematis in a Banksia too, but didn't do something smart like add a dahlia for late summer - what a cool idea, Leslie!

And oh boy, and I jealous about your hundreds of bricks. Hope you're having a great vacation!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

growingagardenindavis said...

Carol...I am thinking about the edging...a lot of my garden is edged with used brick from a screened patio we took down years ago. I never had enough to do it all...or I've added too many beds! But these aren't "used brick" so I'm not sure how I'll mix them. Maybe redo parts and blend them in?

Annie...thanks, I did have a great first half of vacation to New York City with one of my daughters and plan to post about the containers and gardens we saw there (including some roof top gardens and the gardens at the Cloisters). But now I'm off for the second half of vacation to see my other daughter in San Diego, maybe do a little gardening in their courtyard, but mostly hold my granddaughter!