Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Birds" In The Garden

Annie over at The Transplantable Rose mentioned that she likes blogs that feature birds and gardens and that reminded me that I've been planning to post about the birds in my garden. Mine are quite easy to photograph... even for a photo amateur like myself. I am always on the lookout for inexpensive bird statues that I can hide in my garden...the child care children love to hunt for them and count them. Sometimes I move them to keep them on their toes and it's always fun to see who notices a new statue or one that has gone which point they all fan out and hunt until they find it. In the meantime they focus in on different plants, flowers, insects and scents along the way...sometimes noticing things that are a surprise to me!


Annie in Austin said...

Your bird decor is quite charming Leslie - thanks for picking up on the avian theme.

Another plus -they also don't leave white splotches on the garden furniture!


Bev said...

Leslie, thank you for posting a comment on my July Blooms. You have quite a list there! I am really drawn to your bird decor, as I love birds too and have a lot of bird knicknacks. Let me amend that...I like all birds except Grackles!

Christine said...

I love your garden Leslie. It looks like you've utilized all the space so well. And the aviary statuary is darling. I love whimsical garden decor, especially when there is a theme. My garden art is more eclectic but includes several miniature wind chimes "planted" on stakes here and there.