Monday, July 17, 2006

This time of year the early morning is the time to check out the is now not quite 2:00 and it has hit 104 degrees. Breakfast on the patio was beautiful but now I'm waiting out the's just not fun in this heat. Luckily, I managed to keep up with watering this weekend and I checked all the pots this morning. At least the tomatoes will continue to ripen quickly! Both the bell peppers and Italian long sweet peppers are doing well...I'll need to pick more and do something with them for dinner before I get overloaded with them. The eggplant is coming along but my guess is it is at least a couple of weeks until we can pick some.
The perennials are still flowering far they are enjoying the heat. Here are a few photos actually taken last Friday.
Geranium Rozanne and alstroemeria Regina, and Geranium Rozanne growing through a succulent pot.

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