Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Given that I have a fairly small yard and need space for the day care children to play my vegetable garden is smaller than I would like. One would think that I would have learned by now how to space things out so it is not a jungle when it's time to start picking the veggies of my labor but I seem to suffer from a combination of optimism and pessimism. What if some of the plants don't grow? What if that type of tomato doesn't set this year? Won't it be great to have tons of peppers? Surely two plants could squeeze in where I thought to put one. In any case it appears I have successfully overplanted again. (How could I throw out those last tomato starts that I couldn't give away?) Maybe by taking photos and making myself look at them next spring I will find a way to control least a little.

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lisa said...

For small gardening I think you have the right idea going vertical, there...saves a lot of space. Now they have hanging planter in which you can grow tomatoes upside-down. I plan to try this next yar, to save space and protect tomatoes from varmints (of which I have a lot).