Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Garden Blogger Bloom Day January 2014

Happy New Year! And welcome to Garden Blogger Bloom Day, a gathering of garden bloggers who share what is blooming in their gardens on the fifteenth of each month. Garden Blogger Bloom Day has been hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens for seven years and is a wonderful place to see what is going on in other gardens. After viewing my floral offerings for January click on that link and check out blooms elsewhere!

The cyclamen is beginning to bloom in the front garden. These are plants that have been bought in the past as Christmas decor and then tucked into the garden. They never again bloom in time for Christmas, usually appearing about mid January.

The Breath of Heaven, Coleonema pulchellum, is blooming in the Secret Garden. The tiny blooms have more pink to them than appears here.

This sweet succulent is blooming in a pot on the front porch. I believe it is Aloe albiflora but would appreciate any corrections if anyone knows it is something else. The plant you see in the background is NOT the plant producing these blooms.

The fava beans are beginning to bloom in earnest...

...while the peas are just beginning to flower.

This yellow argyranthemum blooms pretty much year round with only a short break in the very hottest months.

There are a few Dianthus caryophyllus blooms. It is a bit early but after a cold spell lasting a couple of weeks we decided we wouldn't really do winter this year so I guess they decided to go ahead and start blooming.

This lone lavender bloom was found on a plant in a pot tucked up near some brick and fence which no doubt has helped moderate the temperature and allow the blooming to continue.

The banksia rose is also showing off with a few early blooms.

Rosa Flower Girl has a few blooms up high in the arbor, backed by the mistletoe in the ornamental pear tree. Sigh. 

That is about it for January blooms here in my Central California garden. There are lots of bulbs coming up, the camellias have swollen buds, and nigella and poppy seedlings are appearing. It only gets better after this!


Gail said...

That's a lot of bloom for a January! I love that last photo, the lighting is lovely.

Cindy, MCOK said...

I love that aloe bloom!

Layanee said...

Come ON! Roses in January? You are spoiled! And lucky!

Kathy said...

Peas and roses in bloom? I think that is June here. But I am glad I don't have your water shortages.

Carol Michel said...

There are lots of blooms in your garden in January. Is that fair? I guess so...

Unknown said...

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