Friday, March 15, 2013

Garden Blogger Bloom Day March 2013

It's March and plant growth is noticeable from one day to the next. Everything is rushing to put on new growth. While that is good and we are technically past our last freeze date one never knows for certain. Not that there is anything to be done but enjoy the explosion!

Scabiosa fronts a bed that recently hosted daffodils. The daffs are finishing up and have needed some deadheading but scabiosa and other bloomers are taking over for them.

cymbidium orchid
An orchid! The first year I have gotten a bloom on my own! I was given three orchids 2 years ago by a friend who is an expert grower and I got no blooms last year. This year I have done better and bloom stalks began to appear in December. One of the other bloom stalks that was cut and taken inside a couple of weeks ago is just now starting to drop flowers. 

 Pansies that  brightened the view through the winter have put on new growth and are offering another good show. 

leucojum, camellia Chandler Elegans, fringe flower (loropetalum chinense)
 I love this corner right now...the camellia and fringe flower are at their peak and the leucojum sets them off nicely.

Viburnum tinus Spring Bouquet
 The vibernums are all covered in blooms, more so than usual, and I wonder if these last 2 record breaking dry months have scared them as much as they have scared me. We need our winter rain, which means winter snow in the mountains, the place we store our water for the summer dry season. Right now we are over 2 inches behind and are in danger of being 7 inches behind for the year. When your total for the year is about 19 inches, and when you only get rain into April or occasionally May and then you have a long dry summer, that is scary. Here's hoping for a Miracle March or Amazing April.

 Muscari is just beginning to bloom, backed by variegated iris pallida.

tulbaghia fragrans
 An early and sweetly scented tulbaghia, I like this one for the waxy flowers that can stand up to spring winds and (hopefully!) rain.

annual stock
The stock was planted in this pot a few months ago to offer a bit of color in the view from the back door. I haven't been happy with stock in the past but this planting has exceeded my hopes and just keeps blooming.

The very beginning of the Wisteria Explosion
And finally, one of my favorite times of the year is when the wisteria blooms along the side fence. That show is just beginning!

Also blooming today:
peach tree
nectarine tree
plum tree
camellia Jordan's Pride
clematis Armandii
lavender pinnata buchii

For more blooms around the world visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens and see where spring has sprung!


Kathy said...

My understanding is that stocks grow best in mild winter climates. I think day-length is a factor. All your blooms are lovely!

Unknown said...

That pot of stocks is just beautiful - and so are your cymbidiums! But I have to confess, I'm most excited about the coming wisteria explosion. (You know how I love your wisteria) :-) Happy GBBD!

Cindy, MCOK said...

Love the color on that Cymbidium!

Carol Michel said...

I hope you get some rain, but that Viburnum is lovely!

Nelson said...

I really love the tulbaghia. They need average water and it must be water regularly however be cautious not to overwater it.

Anonymous said...

I want to be there sitting on your patio. It's winter here again.~~Dee