Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Arrives, Central California Style

Tulbaghia violacea

It is 29º this morning...the coldest my garden has seen this winter. And while we are not buried in snow like so many others we do have some beautiful frost. 

Scented geranium Lady Plymouth
Fleeting but beautiful frost accents the form of the leaves.

Wooly thyme
Frost edges the thyme in the entry path and warns of possible slippery stepping stones.

Common pelargonium
In the background you can see the fountain, left running all night to prevent the ice formation that once before killed off the pump. With only a few freezing nights a year, and sometimes none, it is worth it to me and the birds to keep the fountain full all winter. I also take hot water out to add to the fountain last thing before bed and first thing in the morning on nights when it dips below 32º. More than once I have wondered if there were any other gardeners out in Davis doing the same thing.

Ornamental oregano Hopley's Purple

Recently cut back ornamental oregano was already beginning its new growth.

It is 32º now, at 8:00, and the frost is disappearing. But for a while it was a beautiful treat!


Layanee said...

I love leaves with frosting and you know how much I love frosting. LOL Love the pics and I hope all survive the cold.

Gail said...

Such a pretty winter, too. I want to assure you that I also add warm water to my birdbath to de-ice it! Not only do I add boiling water, I stir it to make sure the it cools a bit so there's not super hot water for little bird feet! xoxog

Carol Michel said...

Frost is pretty on the leaves. I hope you didn't see too much damage later!

Unknown said...

So strange... there you are with frost, and here I am in Cleveland with the windows open and contemplating a little garden clean-up! I think you have the better pictures, though--that frost is so pretty. :-)

Kathy said...

Your pictures of frost remind me of fall here. Like Carol, I hope your garden didn't suffer too much damage. It's not meant for frost!