Monday, October 15, 2012

Garden Blogger Bloom Day October 2012

California Giants zinnias
On the 15th of every month garden bloggers around the world join Carol at May Dreams Gardens for Garden Blogger Bloom Day. Not only is it fun to see what is blooming everywhere else in the world, it is sometimes useful in reminding the gardener to check on what is blooming out back.

Lavandula pinnata buchii

I would have said there was not much going on here aside from some Energizer Bunny plants that just keep on blooming. And while that is pretty much true it is also true that that means there are plenty of blooms to enjoy. Sometimes those almost-constant-bloomers become a bit overlooked after pumping out blooms for a few months. Or, as is the case with lavandula pinnata bucchi, for almost the whole year. Garden Blogger Bloom Day is a great reason to focus and be grateful for those stalwarts yet again.

Cuphea llavea, bat face cuphea

Bat face cuphea will always remind me of Annie/Kathy of The Transplantable Rose who first posted a photo of this  sweet plant some years ago causing me to hunt around and find one for my very own.
Helianthus debilis, Italian White sunflower

This small flowered sunflower is a garden favorite here due to its several month bloom period and ease of cultivation.

Abutilon Pink Parasol

The abutilons are grown with other shrubs to provide support for their somewhat gangly growth.

Miniature rose, unknown

This miniature rose, a gift several years ago, had resumed blooming after a summer respite.
While I didn't find anything overly exciting on my bloom hunt it is still true that, as Carol tells us in quoting Elizabeth Lawrence, " We can have flowers nearly every month of the year".


Gail said...

The lavandula pinnata bucchi is wonderful and I do like the abutilon! happy GBBD!

Cindy, MCOK said...

Gorgeous lavender! I need to plant some.

Kathy said...

Once again, you grow different species of the same genera--lavender, sunflower--and some that I could only grow as houseplants (abuliton). And, unlike you, I can't grow plants every month of the year, unless you count indoors. I really enjoy seeing the differences!

scottweberpdx said...

Lovely post...that's actually my favorite Sunflower :-)

Unknown said...

Ah... that batface cuphea is so CUTE! And the rest of your blooms are lovely as well. Happy GBBD!