Thursday, April 14, 2011

GBBD April 2011

 The wisteria, in its 30th year, blooms on the west fence.

Rosa banksiae blooms on the central arbor. Right now is when it looks its best; soon it will be so covered in blooms it is really too much. But when it looks like this I do love it.
Lady Banks divides the back garden into two sections and provides some late afternoon shade.

Daffodils continue to bloom although their days are numbered as we head towards May.

Cranesbill Biokova blooms in various spots. It likes it here and has spread in a very polite way to cover parts of the lawnless front garden and provide some green areas on which to rest your eyes.

Solanum jasminoides is blooming, as it does much of the year, but with a bit more enthusiasm than it does when it is especially cold or hot. It makes a great fence cover. Each bloom is only about an inch and a half across but there are so many that it makes a nice display.

Pink hyacinthoides hispanica bloom along the edge of the herb garden.

Osteospermum make a nice addition to several pots and blooms a good part of the year.

Dutch iris Symphony have been added to give a little contrast to all the blue dutch iris that I've had for years.

Climbing Cecile Brunner has begun to bloom  on the far fence. Most of my roses are miniatures or climbers...I've never been good at growing or liked the look of traditional shrub roses. Maybe if I were better at growing them I'd like them more.

Several succulents have begun to bloom in pots. Succulents are great for pots here...they can take the heat without needing the daily watering that other plants require in the middle of summer.

Butterfly Blue scabiosa has spread a bit and is currently very happily lighting up a section of the back garden.

That's it for an overview of blooms...I have decided to forgo the list of other bloomers this month...I hope your garden is smiling now too!

Today is Garden Blogger Bloom Day, that day when Carol at May Dreams Gardens asks each of us to share what is blooming in our garden!


Layanee said...

Well, no one can compete with those wisteria blooms. They are divine. So many blues show up in spring and then hide the rest of the summer. Lovely photos. Happy Bloom Day.

Jane said...

Happy Bloom Day from MI Zone 5! I have to agree with Layanee on those wisteria. Beautiful. Are they perched along the top of the fence? If so, does the weight cause any problem?

I’m trying to decide what to grow on our back fence. It’s free-standing between city lots, so I don’t want the chosen plant to pull the fence over.

Thanks again for sharing!

Unknown said...

Lady Banks is beautiful... but I LOVE that wisteria! I so hope that I can come and visit you sometime, to see it in person. :)

Happy GBBD!

flwrjane said...

Dang, yours is a lovely garden to visit at the end of a long work day.

what would be even better would be to take a walk there. Now.


Cindy, MCOK said...

That wisteria is absolutely divine!