Monday, February 14, 2011

GBDD February 2011

Narcissus Erlicheer
 Rain prevented the taking of photographs today for the month that begins the fifth year of Garden Blogger Bloom Day.  Yes, four years ago this month Carol at May Dreams Gardens had the idea of garden bloggers world wide sharing what was in bloom in their garden. Possibly born out of a desire to see that there were blooms somewhere as she looked out at her own snow covered garden, Bloom Day quickly gained a devoted following and continues to attract photos and lists from around the world  with new gardeners joining in each month. Visit Carol and see for yourself! 

Narcissus Avalanche
This past weekend, however, I saw that rain forecast so on Saturday I took a few 'safety photos' just in case. The most exciting discovery for me was the first Erlicheer blooms along the front path. Continuing to bloom nearby are the cyclamen. I enjoy red cyclamen at Christmas and often buy a few for decorations. Afterward they go along the front path where in future years they prefer to bloom in January and  February. Narcissus Avalanche is also beginning to bloom there along with a very few returning primroses...I really need to add to those.

Camellia Chandleri Elegans
In the back garden the Camellia japonicas are beginning to bloom. Chandleri Elegans, an early to mid-season variety first bloomed over two weeks ago, while Jordan's Pride, a mid-season variety first bloomed this past weekend.
Camellia Jordan's Pride
The leucojum aestivum which began blooming a few weeks ago in one or two spots are blooming in more areas now, although some won't bloom for weeks yet.
leucojum aestivum
The Tuscan Blue rosemary which I have made into a small topiary is covered with blooms and has hosted a bee or two in the past few days. Not that I'm quick enough to get a good photo of that.
Rosemary Tuscan Blue
If I had known it was really going to rain I might have taken a few more photos but for now a list of other bloomers will have to do. That includes Solanum jasminoides, Rosa Flower Girl, Rosa Demitasse, Lavandula pinnata buchii, Dwarf Carnation Evermore, Viburnum tinus Spring Bouquet, Prunus cerasifera Krauter Vesuvious, and pansies.

      And one Butterfly Blue scabiosa!

         Thank you Carol for your inspired idea!

P.S. A sunny moment just led me to run out to fill the bird feeder...and below I found this surprise! A little unknown narcissus that was a gift some years ago and has since multiplied...and bloomed just in time to be added here today!


James said...

I'm glad you got a few shots over the weekend to share before the rains started up. The pink and white camellia is really something! (It's looking like a little of that rain you've been having will finally be making it down to Southern California to water our flowers. Finally!) Happy bloomday!

Frances said...

Yes, Leslie, back up shots are a must! I love your blooms, that little cup on Avalanche is too charming. Growing the cyclamen that can be had at the grocer's is delightful. Lucky you! When will the wisteria bloom? :-)

Carol Michel said...

I like that idea of safety photos. I usually take some myself, just in case I don't get home before dark or something like that. And you are right, bloom day was thought of in February when my own garden was covered with snow. It is inspiring when that happens to see that there are gardens, like yours, full of lovely blooms. Thanks for joining in once again!

Layanee said...

We have peonies you have camellias. They are quite beautiful but my peonies will not bloom until late May. All your blooms are cheerful and welcome.

Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

Nice to see all the flowers in sunny CA while we still have snow cover in PA. Happy GBBD, Carolyn

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Oh, your camellias are splendid!

Melissa said...

Very pretty. Happy Bloom Day

Unknown said...

That first camellia reminds me of the (unknown name) peony at my mom's house. LOVE that! :)

Noel Morata said...


what a beautiful huge camelia blooms, i love the variegated version. and what a surprise to get your scabiosa to bloom this early.

thanks for sharing this today

Jennifer said...

Oh your camellias are so beautiful! It's so nice to find all these gardening blogs through Carols wonderful concept of GBBD! I am having so much fun checking out everyone's blooms. I can't believe you have scabiosa blooming already, I love that plant! I have the same variety and I love going out to the garden to deadhead it and watch it bloom all summer long!

Unknown said...

Your blooms are lovely! I adore the Jordan's Pride camellia--just stunning. Tuscan Blue Rosemary is one of my favorites--I love beautiful edibles. Thanks for sharing your blooms--it makes me want to move to CA!

Kathy said...

I always take early shots, because you never know what the weather will do. And around here in February, whatever is blooming might not be blooming on the 15th.

ks said...

Lovely BloomDay, and glad to find your blog.!

Brad said...

I've never seen the Leucojum aestivum before. It's very beautiful. I like the 2nd and 3rd narcissus as well. I'm not a fan of camellias, but the Jordan's pride is really striking. Happy bloom day.

Wally said...

Lovely. I particularly like that first camellia. I've been using photos I prepared earlier most of the time due to the weather, this month was I think the first time virtually all were taken exactly on the day.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy seeing your exquisite photos of paperwhites. They are among my favorite blooms. And are those snowdrops? I have those delicate bells with the dots, but not yet. Mine will come much later. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Sunray Gardens said...

Some great flower shots. Love the camellias.
Goldenray Yorkies

fer said...

Very beautiful blooms! I also have the same scabiosa blooming now

fer said...

Very beautiful blooms! I also have the same scabiosa blooming now

Sunray Gardens said...

Some lovely blooms here. The photos you use at the top is absolutely amazing.
Goldenray Yorkies

Annie in Austin said...

GBBD was too depressing here, but you apparently live in Paradise, Leslie! You can even put out the florists' Christmas cyclamen and see them rebloom outside? What an incentive to keep buying more each year.

Do you think the little daffodil could be Tête-à-Tête?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

growingagardenindavis said...

I hope you got some rain James!
Frances, I think it will be a couple months before we see the wisteria's been colder lately than it sometimes is this time of year.
Lucky you Layanee! I wish I felt like chancing the money on peonies...they really are iffy here. really are having quite the winter there aren't you?
Thanks Barb and Melissa!
See Kim! Like Layanee you get peonies!
That scabiosa is in a good spot Noel...every so often it gets warm enough for a few days and it sends up blooms.
Thanks Jennifer! I've been putting coffee grounds on the camellias this year and it seems to help. Glad you like them too Julie!
You're a smart woman Kathy:)
Thanks for stopping by KS!
I like the leucojum too Brad...totally care free so it is a winner.
Have you had all the rain we've seen Mac? Looks like quite the summer for you.
Those are leucojum Curtiss Ann...similar but not the same as snowdrops. I think it may not get cold enough here for snowdrops.
That scabiosa seems to grow well many places, fer. Thanks for stopping by!
Sunray, that is my wisteria that I love! That was a couple years ago, before a fence redo which required a big pruning. It's almost recovered now!
Hi Annie! Yes...that's one reason I like cyclamen better than poinsettias! And you may be right on the's the best guess I've seen in any case :)