Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm on vacation, or as Carol from May Dreams Gardens calls it, at summer camp. In Buffalo for the 3rd annual gathering of garden bloggers I am closing in on vegetative overload. Who knew that was even possible? I'll be explaining about that in future posts but before I arrived here (along with about 70 other bloggers from around the nation and Canada) I kicked off my personal garden tour schedule with my first ever visit to the garden of a blogger I follow. Kim, known to many as Blackswamp Girl, writes about her garden at A Study In Contrast. Kim was so gracious to allow us to visit (I took along my Aunt Elaine who lives quite close to Kim) and I had an absolutely wonderful time seeing in first person a garden I have visited virtually many times. I can't encourage other gardeners enough to get out there and make similar visits. To actually see so many of the plantings and the design that Kim has been working on was amazing fun...we see so many vignettes when we read blogs but to see the garden as a whole is an entirely different thing. Kim was afraid we would see only what needed to be done, but what she has going on was so impressive she shouldn't have even been concerned.  I had to hold back and not photograph things I knew she would want to talk about herself but I saw a thing or two first, before she wrote about them...I'm just saying!
I would love to be able to return the Kim, you have an open invitation to my garden...just name the date!


Carol Michel said...

I'm sure it was a real treat to see Kim's garden. I wish she could have joined us in Buffalo. Maybe next time!

Annie in Austin said...

Oh, Leslie - what a day that must have been! I've seen many of the Austin bloggers' gardens, but none in other states/climates... it sure does sound like fun.
But I'll bet it would still be wonderful to visit a gardenblogging friend in the dead of winter with not a flower in sight.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

Leslie, you know I'm dying to take you up on that offer!!! :)

You totally could have taken photographs, by the way. I am bad about remembering my camera (I just completely left it in the car) so I didn't even take any when I visited Kylee at Our Little Acre... and I still wish that I had. Plus, it would have been interesting to see how someone else "sees" my garden through photographs!

So you know what this means... you just have to come back sometime soon! (Just wait until the fence gets painted, at least... lol. :)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Lucky you! Kim's garden is one of the ones I'd most like to visit. (I'll admit her plantings are a big attraction, but Coco is the main draw. ;^P )
I also wish she could have come to Buffalo. I'd love to meet her and talk foliage. And dogs.