Thursday, October 15, 2009

GBBD October 2009

Abutilon Pink Parasol is slowly filling in and blooms Tuesday in the back border.
However, she is going to need a bit of help if I think I want her to make it through the winter. Miss PP, stake and all, was horizontal after the storm that blew through here yesterday. OK...I admit I meant to get a decent stake and was making do with a lightweight one...but it's only October! Oh. Guess I said that yesterday.

I am amazed at the fact that most of the photos I took Tuesday are still valid today...this little hollyhock blooms so close to the ground that the wind didn't faze it.

Abutilon Souvenir de Bonn has bloomed a bit all summer. I know, I know, I don't like orange flowers. But these are so not gaudy and look at that foliage! And when she came home with me that tag said 'used almost entirely for its foliage' so I sort of figured the blooms would be nondescript. While I'm not going to be buying any orange cannas anytime soon this little sweetheart is staying. But in a bigger pot before it really gets cold.

Devil wing begonia is lovely on Tuesday in this photo. Not so much today darn it.

Rosa Berries and Cream is putting out a few blooms still although slowing way down. This was Tuesday but the petals hung on yesterday...they're just not quite so perky today.

Pelargoniums bloom around the yard and really didn't mind the wind.Solanum rantonnetti got whipped around but stood up to the wind like a trooper. And I love the blooms. But I am going to have to find a less enthusiastic replacement for this spot on the edge of the patio. And when I do I will repeat 'right plant in the right place' over and over.

These purple basil blooms have been left because the leaves are too pungent for me (the basil lover!). But who doesn't love those blooms?

One more round of blooms from Alstroemeria Regina. Reliable, long lasting and easy. What more could I ask?

Other bloomers include allysum, erodium, plumbago, wax begonias, pink pandorea, lavenders, garlic chives, various salvias, bat faced cuphea, anisodonteas and possibly pansies ~guess I should check tomorrow morning and see if they got washed away.

Check out other bloom lists by visiting our esteemed leader Carol, at May Dreams Gardens. See what's blooming today around the world!


Kathy said...

Funny how you grow all your houseplants outside . . . Oh, I guess the hollyhock and the rose aren't houseplants. I keep trying to get lovely hollyhocks. Mine are all washed out.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your blooms this month are all such soft colors. Yes, even the orange one. (I also don't like orange.)

growingagardenindavis said...

So others of these are grown indoors Kathy? I actually realized that...there were several of our landscape plants in the conservatories in Chicago and Zurich. It struck me funny at the time!
These are mostly soft colors Barb since that is what I have the most of, in general. Purple is about as bold as it gets!

Anonymous said...

You actually spelled "faze" correctly! It's the first time in what feels like years that I've seen anyone NOT misspell it as "phase." It's enough to make me want to give you an award. Oh, and tat's a great little hollyhock, too.

Carol Michel said...

I like those abutilons and keep meaning to get one to grow as a houspelant. Looking out at my garden, it is hard to imagine that somewhere, flowers still bloom, but they do, as you've shown us.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

sweetbay said...

I love the Abutilons. I keep thinking about getting one of those, and I think at least some are hardy in my zone.

Happy Bloom Day!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Looks like things are blooming beautifully in Davis.~~Dee

Annie in Austin said...

LOL because the "faze" was something I noticed, too. Leslie, it's very hard to roll down to see the blooms with that fantastic wants to stay right by the gate and pretend to be there in person!

Other Austin gardeners grow abutilons outdoors but mine croaked. If I try again it will be treated as a houseplant.

Happy GBBD,

Annie at the Transplantable Rose