Saturday, August 22, 2009

True Confession

I have a confession to make. Something is wrong with my garden. Not the ornamentals. I'm talking about the summer vegetables that love the Central Valley weather and are made to grow here. The ones I used to be really good at growing. The last few years I've tried to ignore the signs. The zucchini plants that didn't set much fruit. The peppers and eggplant that just weren't happy. The tomatoes that just weren't as lush as they should have been. Actually, none of the plants were as lush as they should have been. So I tried some organic fertilizers, adding compost and mulching well. After all, I've been gardening in the same space for over 29 years and while I try to take care of the soil I thought maybe I'd been negligent in some way. I added a new vegetable area and that seemed to be better the first two years but this year...let's just say my neighbors are safe from finding zucchini on their porch. I'm sure many of you are saying..."well what does the soil test say?" I have to admit I have not done any such testing. But today that has changed. I've put my order in at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply and will soon...I hope...have a few answers.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Is your soil tired, or is the garden more shaded now? Frequently, with aging gardens, the issue is increasing shade. Whatever it is, I hope you solve the problem.

Carol Michel said...

Very curious. Like MMD noted, it could be more shade has "crept" in over the years. Regardless, I think a soil test will give you some answers.

Let us know the results!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

MA said...

Excellent choice to get a test! May I add you might want to get a professional test done through your extension office. It is very thorough and comes with recommendations for amendments. Happy gardening!

Cindy, MCOK said...

Like MA, I was going to suggest you consult your Extension Office. Feedback from gardeners in their growing area can be as valuable to them as their opinions are to you! I hope you'll get some answers that will result in increased veggie production.

Re your bloom day doldrums, I'm with you, sister! I've had too much summer for too many months to be truly enthused about gardening. 39 days till October 1st!

EAL said...

I agree with MMD and Carol that it is likely shade. These plants love sun.
And so what if you can't grow as many vegetables! You garden can still be beautiful and you can give much-needed patronage to local farmers.