Monday, February 25, 2008

What's Blooming Today?

Having spent part of the weekend reading the new J.D. Robb book and hiding out from the incoming winter storm...which never amounted to much after all the warnings we were getting...I just today noticed that I've got a few new blooms to go along with the evergreen clematis that began blooming at the end of last week. My Camellia Chandler Elegans has several blooms that opened this weekend. Camellias do not like our soil and water but I keep hanging on to them for their blooms. A sweet little daffodil given to me a few years ago is beginning to spread into a nice clump...mostly I'm leery of bright yellow but I do like it in the spring to brighten up cloudy days. The evergreen clematis is slowly opening it's doesn't look like I expected it to but I like it all the same. I'm hoping it decided it likes it here and by next year will be up over the arbor it's climbing. This arbor was the base for a fabric wrapped backdrop I made for my daughter's wedding and although it is not too sturdy I love having it here to remind me of that wonderful day.
The last bloom spotted was the first Santa Rosa plum blossom to open this year. We're expecting nice weather for a few days...I'm hoping for good pollination as the blossoms open if the rain can stay away!


Connie said...

Beautiful bud and blossoms!! Your photos are great.

Annie in Austin said...

That's a really pretty camellia - the color variation makes it look more delicate.

Is that evergreen clematis a fragrant one? I don't know if they'd grow here but it looks great in your garden, Leslie!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

kate said...

I love your camellia ... I wish I could grow them here, but there's no way. Patches of daffodils look so beautiful in spring - they really do brighten up the garden.

The Santa Rosa plum blossoms are really beautiful. I like that photograph!

Kylee Baumle said...

Oh, another camellia. I think they're just the most gorgeous things, but the only time I'll ever see one around here is at the conservatory in Ft. Wayne. Yours is just gorgeous, Leslie!

Unknown said...

It's so nice to have some vicarious spring... especially in a garden as lovely as yours, Leslie. That camellia is gorgeous--probably even more enticing because I can't grow them here. :)

growingagardenindavis said...

Connie...thanks for stopping by!
Annie...The clematis does have a fragrance although not too seems to have increased over time. I saw/coveted a pink one the other day...but I don't think I have room to squeeze it in anywhere.
Kate...thanks for stopping by...the plum is in full bloom now...I'm hoping we've got enough bees stopping by!
Hi Kylee....I like them too, although they really don't care much for our soil...a few miles from here, in Sacramento, they're actually much happier.
Kim...I think you're still "buried" but it's got to be almost over!