Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unwelcome Guest

I believe this is a sharp shinned hawk...looking for a snack near my birdfeeder. Soon after I got this photo he took off after a finch over in the privets...I couldn't tell if he got him or not. The day care children have been learning to identify our usual feeder visitors and 5 year old Ian knew this was not one of them! He alerted us in time to grab the camera and binoculars.


kate said...

I think it is wonderful that a five-year-old knows the kinds of birds that come to the feeder and when an intruder arrives. That is soul warming.

Leanne said...

That brilliant Ian!

Kinda cool that a hawk visited you, tho not so cool for your birds!

weeder1 said...

Hawks gotta eat too! :>)

Annie in Austin said...

That hawk looks pretty smug in the photo - guess he thinks he lucked into a free buffet. I like looking for hawks in the trees lining the highways when we drive up to Illinois - but don't know how it would feel to see one hanging out near a birdbath.
Those kids are getting to see some wonderful things while they're in your care, Leslie.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose