Monday, December 03, 2007

Eight Things I'm Happy About

Here’s my list of eight things I’m happy about…in response to Garden Wise Guy’s meme tag.

1. Home computers…allowing us to connect with gardeners and other like-minded people all over the world…for free!
2. I transferred (many years ago…) to UC Davis and ended up planted in a place I love.
3. We have a Sweet Granddaughter.
4. We can afford to visit the Sweet Granddaughter somewhat regularly…and Southwest Airlines makes it not too difficult.
5. My husband understands the garden is my mental health activity and leaves me to it…jumping in only when assistance is requested.
6. Our kids are grown and we still do fun things together because we enjoy each other’s company.
7. I’m healthy, strong enough and have the time and resources to do the things I enjoy…gardening, reading, traveling, studying, going to the gym, cooking, and working at a job that I, for the most part, enjoy.
8. My friends know my faults and are willing to put up with them. I'm expected to choose eight bloggers to join in...and I'm trying to remember who said they don't do memes and who might have done enough to last their lifetime. I don't want to be the last straw in someone's holiday craziness. But it is a time for being grateful so maybe it wouldn't be too difficult to put a few thoughts in words...feel free to join in even if your name isn't here...

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Weeder at Weeder's Garden
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Connie at Notes From A Cottage Garden
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Annie in Austin said...

Hi Leslie,

Of all the memes going around right now this might be the most difficult for me to do. I won't promise, but will think about it!


Leanne said...

Aww, the granddaughter rates two slots out of eight! I'll be sure to tell her how honored she should feel. I love that we get to hang out, too!

Garden Wise Guy said...

What a sweet list of 8! There's always stuff to be grateful for, but sometimes we get so caught up in daily life we forget to look.

And thanks for stopping by my blog today. Having taught design to average folks through adult education classes for almost 20 years, I've not only refined my ability to describe what I intuitively do, but teaching continually reinforces the process for my own work. It's a win / win.

I'm glad people are responding positively to this post. I might try to create a little on-line design symposium. Waddayathink?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Leslie. Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I will get my "eight things to be thankful for" done tonight. Merry Christmas!

Garden Wise Guy said...

Leslie: I just stopped by and found this again. A belated "thanks" for keeping it going.

Glad my "erotic" post piqued your interest. It's all part of my ploy to TAKE OVER THE WORLD through garden blogging. Still a few details to fill in, though.

Be well.