Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I've learned something about myself that I never realised...I either like rampant growing plants... or I have poor judgement...or I like pruning. No, I don't think it is that last one. Strolling through the garden in the cool of the evening or morning deadheading or gathering herbs or a bouquet...that I like. But sawing off branches that break my favorite pole pruner or thinning the arbor and ending up with two piles of branches that are each almost as tall as me and doing all this with the sweat running down my back and face just really isn't that much fun. I know I've complained about the privets but now I find that my beloved wisteria is looked down on as too rampant for most gardens and even the Banksia rose that covers the arbor my Dad built for me a few years ago has been seen out of control over on Deirdre's blog.
Really...the wisteria just needs one good pruning when dormant and the occasional summertime clipping of a wayward tendril. The Banksia on the other hand is a bit "vigorous". I do have to trim it up several times each growing season and give it a good thinning/haircut at least once a year. I chose it because I wanted an evergreen, flowering, thornless vine for my arbor that could take lots of hot Central Valley summer sun. The Banksia has delivered on all accounts. And if it wants to be bigger than I bargained for...I guess that's the price I have to pay!
But the privets? Those I wish could magically disappear and be replaced by some pretty, unknown, evergreen 15 foot tall trees strategically placed right where the privets are to block views from neighboring houses. I don't want anyone watching me waging war with the pruning shears or gathering bouquets...I guess that says something about me, too, but I'll explore that self-realization another time.


Annie in Austin said...

In the photo it looks like you have the white Lady Banks, is this correct, Leslie? With the rose and wisteria and all those iris it must be gorgeous there right now - and you've managed to make your iris bloom purple.

If you find that magical evergreen that will give us private havens please let me know! Older houses here have Waxleaf Ligustrums and Nandinas. These shrubs are both under attack because the birds eat the berries and then drop them in natural and conservation areas, where the ligustrum smothers the native plants.

There's also a lot of Redtip photinia, which is getting some disease and failing in some places. [I can't stand it myself so don't care if it croaks!] It seems that by the time a shrub is finally large enough to be useful, there's something wrong with it!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

I'm giggling at your post. I'm sure that the neighbors see me wrestling with pruners and talking to myself all the time. Trust me, you get so absorbed that you forget they're there--until they finally say hello, of course! :D

growingagardenindavis said...

Annie...I do have the white Lady Banks...I wanted the scented flowers. Those are Dutch Iris and they always bloom purple...without any help from me!
Kim...I'm glad I'm not the only one talking to myself (or more likely a plant!) and I also felt better about the gardening in the dark I did the other day after reading your post!

MrBrownThumb said...

Your wisteria may look rampant to you but it looks pretty awesome to me.

Anita said...

Leslie, thanks a lot for passing by my blog and leaving a comment.

The photo of your wisteria in bloom is breathtaking, wow!

Happy gardening!

LostRoses said...

Well, I think it looks heavenly and I'm glad you didn't go on a rampage with the pruners!