Friday, February 16, 2007

Photos and a few bloomers I missed yesterday... viburnum and ornamental plum. Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for the idea to list bloomers...I hadn't noticed all of them!


Carol said...

I'm happy to have helped you notice your flowers. Unless I want to try to trudge through snow a foot deep, there is no way to tour my garden right now. Not that anything is blooming when this morning's temperature was -3 degrees!

Stu said...

I really like your carnations Leslie. You don't see many of them growing here Down Under (although they do grow very well here).

They seem to be a plant that have been missed in too many gardens these days.

Thanks for taking a peek into your garden.

Leslie said...

Carol...-3 degrees! And I complained about our week down in the 20's...and it was only at night!

Stu...I love scent in the garden and carnations and basil are the bare minimum for me! Thanks for stopping by.

MrBrownThumb said...


Looking at your photos and the date stamp on your post and seeing what kind of weather we have is making me very jealous. I wish I had blooms outdoors to share like that.

Leslie said...

I know...I'm really lucky! And through reading blogs this winter I've come to really admire many of you who garden in a much tougher environment!

Gardener Greg said...

Great blog and pictures. My plants are just starting to grow and I should have some nice pictures for everyone soon.