Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I finally have an edible zucchini! I started a new type of zucchini (Striata d'Italia) from seed this year and the plants are pretty and would seem to be prolific bearers. But this is the first squash that hasn't shrivelled after reaching a few inches long...as you can see one doing near the pretty one. I mean...how hard is zucchini to grow??!! I've always viewed it as fool proof...any suggestions as to what causes this would be appreciated!
On the other hand, I'm feeling happy about the portulaca, salvia, society garlic area near my hot driveway. I've got Biokova cranesbill here that burns out in the summer and this area often looks less than inviting...and it is right at the front door. So this year I wedged in some portulaca and Victoria Blue salvia and it looks much prettier and is way less water needy.

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