Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saving the Favas

Fava beans have lovely flowers. They make a pretty addition to the spring garden and then when they are done you get really yummy, although prep intensive,  beans for great pasta dishes.  Today when I tried to take a couple photos of the blooms I found a surprise...war was being waged right in my garden without my even being aware.
The first sign were the soldier!
 Then I noticed that they were snacking on aphids...and then I saw the ants madly trying to protect their investment. All in all quite the battle on my garden's behalf without any work on my part. Indeed, partly due to the fact that no work, ie. pesticide spraying, had been done on my part.
 I know ants are strong beyond belief for their body size but surely they don't think they can budge this beetle enjoying a snack.
I love the fact that these heroes just showed up when needed, are doing their job, and will depart when their work here is done.'ve got to love it!


Carol Michel said...

I love a little excitement in the garden, a battle where I can watch and not worry about getting pulled in!

Unknown said...

Kudos to you for building such a great army on your behalf, Leslie! Love the post, and the photos. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for teaching me what a soldier beetle is! I am only slowly learning about "bugs" in the garden, and which are good and which are not. Now I know to be kind to these guys when I find them in my garden.