Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sandbox to Potting Bench

I have always wanted a dedicated potting bench, not just the patio table or the small stand on which I have propped pots next to the potting soil bin. 

Therefore...the second garden job I took on after retirement, 
was the transformation of the sandbox Dad built about 17 years ago for the day care kids into that longed for potting bench.

Some new wood was required. 2 8 foot redwood 4x4s were cut for the legs and a couple of 2x4s were needed for the table top supports. The table top itself came from the sides of the sandbox and the lower shelf was made from the bottom of the sandbox.  Looking through my wood stash I found a double-thick fence board that I had been saving for just the right project; that became the narrow cross shelf at the top.  I painted much of the wood but left the weathered table top boards as-is. I love seeing them as I work; they are a sweet reminder of all the wonderful things Dad built for me over the years and I think he would be pretty pleased with how they continue to bring me joy, just as he himself always did.