Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Garden Blogger Bloom Day March 2016

Spring has come to my garden in central California. The spring bulbs are either done (narcissi and crocus), almost done (muscari and leucojum), in bloom (tulips, spanish bluebells, and freesias), or still to come (scilla peruviana). Everything seems to be leaping up out of the ground and rejoicing in the recent rain.

Peppermint Stick tulips are a bit horizontal from the weekend rain but still lovely. 

Salvia Big Swing has sent up a test bloom to see if it wants to kick into gear. Such an intense blue! It is planted in with several unknown self seeded yellow columbines that I hope will look really nice together.

I love the gasteraloe bloom stalks...they look so sweet. And they must be because the hummingbirds love them.

Various heucheras are beginning to bloom.

The Italian plum tree has some nice blooms this year...it is just coming into good production and I hope the more normal amount of rain (if that is even a thing anymore) that we are getting this year will help this year's crop.

The lavenders are beginning to bloom, here is Otto Quast and 

here, lavandula pinnata. Although for some reason pinnata decided to bloom pretty much all winter this year. Not complaining! Off to the side is Felicia 'Tight and Tidy', a shorter, better behaved version of the more commonly found Felicia.

I have Tulbaghia violacea in several places, once you have one plant they are very easy to divide, but this is the first to bloom. 

However, Tulbaghia fragrans is blooming everywhere it is planted, a bit late this year but perhaps that is because it was divided last year.

One of my favorite early iris is this passalong. It has that memorable old fashioned iris scent and for that I love it.

I do appreciate this bearded iris too...it is so nice and early!

Freesias are blooming all around the garden and also add their wonderful scent. But the flower with the most power right now is the one I always forget about. 

Every year I catch a wonderful scent near the front door and it takes me a minute to recall that the black stem pittosporum has tiny oh-so-very-fragrant blooms. 

The wisteria will also smell wonderful...soon. Right now it is just beginning to bloom. In a week it will be at full power and smell fantastic.
I am happy as we have had a bit more rain this year and the signs are good for an easier summer. The drought is not over but perhaps we, and the garden, deserve a little sigh of relief.

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