Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Garden Blogger Bloom Day November 2017

 Fall is a time of renewed blooms for some plants...the heat of summer always causes a dip in blooms that then recover for a bit before winter actually arrives.

Melinus nerviglumis however has taken a while to bloom this year and is only really getting going now, seen here backed up by an iris I am beginning to think is 'Eleanor Roosevelt'. This was a passalong plant and I have called it 'Patricia's Grandpa's Iris' but recent photos somewhere caused me to do a little research and I am fairly certain a new name has emerged.

Lavenders that slowed down have put out another round of blooms, this one backed by salvia greggii Teresa.

Zinnias continue to bloom and I have been tossing seeds around in the hopes a few reseed next year. These were all planted in big containers with peppers, you can see the pepper supports altho the peppers are cut down.

Another salvia that is having a renewal of blooms is 'Big Swing' with its incredibly intense blue flowers.

Chrysanthemums bloom here and there in the garden, all from the same 4-inch pot purchased many years ago. You can also see a few tomato blooms...Juliet just keeps going although I doubt these will be fruitful.

Pelargoniums love the fall cooling off  and have a new flush of blooms.

Hardy cyclamen is sweet and the leaves are pretty too!

This scented geranium also appreciates the cool weather.

Elsewhere alyssum, more salvias, various lavenders, begonias, sasanqua camellias, rosa 'Flower Girl', ornamental oreganos, plumbago and more are brightening the often cloudy days. Winter is coming but for now the garden is happy.

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