Thursday, May 15, 2014

Garden Blogger Bloom Day May 2014

Bunny tail ornamental grass seed heads have formed...these have self sowed for several years and I will need to be careful they don't spread too far. However, I think they are cute and oh-so-soft.

Scented geraniums are blooming here and there, here backed by Salvia May Night.

Nigella is another self-sower although last year I had my grandchildren help spread seeds further afield so I could have them in several areas.

I am on a poppy kick. This is Diana's Purple, Papaver paeoniflorum, and I think it is lovely. I am trying to get poppies going here so that they just appear like the nigella and bunny tails. So far I am not having a whole lot of success.

I wish I knew what lily this is...I do think it was in a pot and I thought it was dead so dumped the planting mix out as a little mulch. Now there are 8 lily plants there! Maybe I will dig back through tags and see if I can solve the mystery.

I am so very excited about this bloom. About 5 (6?) years ago I got a very tiny rooted cutting of a pomegranate tree at Picnic Day at UC Davis.  Now 5 feet tall, I was very close to pulling it out since it had never bloomed. However, I did stop and look up how long cuttings take before they begin to produce. 5 years! So I gave it a stern talking-to last March and ta-da! Blooms!

Alstroemeria Regina. Pretty and a favorite of the hummingbirds.

This coreopsis is the wrong yellow. Too bright and doesn't play well with many of the other plants. But it is starting to grow on me and I may need to rethink my biases.

 Thumbelina is one of my favorite lavenders. Tiny and sweet (maybe 6 inches tall) it is a perfect edging plant. I need many more.

On the other hand, Lavandula officinalis is pretty too and moves nicely in the breeze. And the bees are wild for it.

Also blooming are roses, succulents, begonias, aquilegia, carnations, campanulas, scabiosa, and the second go-round on the wisteria, which is just beginning. 

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