Saturday, August 15, 2015

Garden Blogger Bloom Day August 2015

One would think that a recently retired person would have all sorts of leisure time and have prepared a fitting Bloom Day post considering all the Bloom Day photos taken over the last year that never made it to a post...due to the fact that no Bloom Day posts have happened for quite a while. However, I have had no time to relax, instead spending most of 2 weeks in Ohio cleaning out my aunt's house then hosting house guests then working on organizing the items shipped from Ohio to be divided between my siblings and then...well you get the idea.

This evening I decided that I would make a quick foray into the 100ยบ garden and see what I could see. First up, passiflora with the reason I grow it...a fritillary caterpillar. I never realized they eat the flowers as well as the leaves!

Next, wisteria with one of its biggest fans, the carpenter bee. The wisteria has its main bloom in early spring (see header photo!) but by removing the majority of the seed pods it continues to bloom lightly all summer.

Lastly, the plumbago which is grown up into one of the arbors along with a banksia rose. The rose blooms first in early spring and then by  midsummer the plumbago takes over the floriferous job.

While there are other blooms out there this recently retired person has decided to be happy with a few shots and go from there. Maybe next month I can post 4 photos! 

Now, everyone go throw away one box of papers. Or some out of focus photos. Or broken bits of something. Your heirs will thank you.