Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gardening Laws

Over at May Dreams Gardens it has been mentioned that Murphy's Law for gardening is "When you have time to garden the weather can prevent you getting into the yard and when it clears up you end up too busy with other commitments to get any gardening time in." My personal, time-tested gardening law is..."When you see ants and wonder where the trail is...look down. You're standing in it." I'm wondering if anyone else has any long-standing laws of their own to add?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day April 2007

I felt an embarrassment of riches and a little guilty as I ran outside this evening just before dark to put together my list for tomorrow's Bloom Day and take a couple of photos despite the continuing drizzle. Embarrassed for the number of flowering plants and guilty because I feel like I have more than my fair share. Maybe in the heat of midsummer when things slow down here I will be jealous of the midwest and their burst of blooms. However, following the intent (I think!) of Bloom Day I will list it all so we can all continue to discover more about different parts of the world.
Carnation: Dwarf Evermore
Geranium Biokova
Scabiosa: Butterfly Blue , Pink Mist
Nemesia: pink, blue(Bluebird)
Cyclamen: red, white
Lady Banks Rose Single White
Lady Banks Rose Double White
several succulents
Dutch Iris: white, purple
Bearded Iris: Batik, Makes Sense, Speed Limit, white, purple
Snapdragons: pink
Bearss Lime
Improved Meyer Lemon
Verbena: pink
Geranium endressi
Rosa Caldwell Pink
Heuchera: Lillian's Pink, Canyon Pink
Salvia muelleri
Rosa Berries and Cream
Rosa Demitasse (miniature rose)
Salvia May Night
Lavender Trumpet Vine
Thymus: common culinary
Solanum jasminoides
Salvia: a pink/white variety and a red variety
Rhaphiolepis indica Ballerina
Tulbaghia violacea
Alstroemeria: old unknown pink variety
Parsley: Italian, going to seed from last summer
Verbena Tapien
Fibrous Begonia: white, pink

Renovated Path

I began renovating the front path several weeks ago. After removing and repositioning the original sandstone pavers I added more to fill in as best I could, given the tree roots just below the surface. Then I planted a low growing thyme to fill in the open areas. However, I still felt there was more open space than I liked so now I have filled in some of those areas with black Mexican beach pebbles. I know I will really appreciate it next fall when I am raking and don't have to attempt to separate out the wood chips (that I want to keep) from the leaves...which was always pretty much impossible!