Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Blooms for Thursday

Joining in with Cindy at My Corner of Katy and her Three for Thursday meme I present three blooms seen in my corner of Davis today...
fava beans
first Lady Banksia bloom of 2011
And because I can't control myself here is a sneak peek at the very beginning of the wisteria bloom season...swelling buds promise future abundance!


Layanee said...

Oh,nice. I have three+ crocus in bloom but you have variety. Love them all. Lady Banksia is quite lovely.

Annie in Austin said...

It's not fragrant like your White Ladybanks, Leslie -but Yellow Ladybanks just started here and it also means spring!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Boyd J said...

Wonderful pictures. You must have been so excited to see those flowers bloom. I know it happens to me. Spring time is just amazing!