Thursday, December 15, 2016

Garden Blogger Bloom Day December 2016

There are still plenty of blooms here in my Central California garden...roses, lavender, begonias (in their winter home in the nano-greenhouse), solanum, abutilon, and cannas continue to brighten the cloudy and, as of today in a big way, rainy days. But this may be the week that everything changes. 

Gomphrena Tiny Buttons is continuing to bloom although its leaves have begun to turn purple from the cold.

Cherry tomato with no hope of actually producing more tomatoes but apparently unwilling to quit blooming. All the tomatoes have been picked and are under a towel with a banana...a ripening technique that has worked well for me in the past. 

Peas are blooming and ripening well. Hopefully there will be some for Christmas!

Salvia Limelight playing host to a syrphid fly.

Salvia Wendy's Wish is another salvia that laughs at the chilly weather. I may need to protect it later this week, though, when nighttime freezing temperatures are predicted.

Loropetalum Sizzling Pink is a pretty winter bloomer.

Passalong bearded iris with that wonderful grape scent!  It is always an early bloomer (although not this early) but I think is going to be in for a shock on Saturday night. 

All in all a good Garden Blogger Bloom Day! For more Bloom Day posts visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens and follow the links to blooms around the world.


Carol Michel said...

Looks like our late summer gardens! I hope you get some peas for Christmas, too.
And thanks for joining in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

Kathy said...

What a treat for these snow-weary eyes! Bearded iris blooms in June for me, peas bloom in May, and most of your other plants would be houseplants here.

Gail said...

Love that Salvia...Happy GBBD!

Layanee said...

Nice. I am enjoying CA right along with you for a few more days before I return to the color of indoor plants and the lights of the holiday season. I envy your growing season.

Andrea said...

Oh you still have lots of blooms even in winter. My friends migrated to California and some of them are in Davis too. At least yours are not covered with snow.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see blooms in winter. Thank you.~~Dee

betty-NZ said...

How great to have such long blooming seasons. The colors are so pretty along with all the different shapes and textures.