Friday, October 14, 2016

And So It Begins!

It might not look like much, but for my Central California garden it is the light at the end of the tunnel!
I spent yesterday touring the garden and looking for things that should be moved since the weather forecasters seemed pretty certain some sort of rain event was heading our way.  Rain is not something for which we prepare during the summer.  It has not rained here, aside from a few quick drizzles, since April 27. So cushions were brought in, bins were placed under the patio overhang in order to collect some of that precious water, the bag of concrete mix sitting in the side yard for the last few months was moved. I even skipped watering the winter garden seedlings. And all that preparation did not scare away the rain! Please let this be just the beginning!

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Cindy, MCOK said...

May more rain be forthcoming ... here's to a very rainy winter for your part of California!