Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Blogger Bloom Day July 2013

The echinaceas are in full bloom and more than just we humans are enjoying them.

Hymenocallis, peruvian daffodils, are beginning to bloom. I divided them a couple years ago and blooms have been sparse. I guess they are finally getting comfy in their new spots.

The summer blooms on the wisteria are not as grand as the big spring bloom but by picking off the seed pods a nice amount of purple enhances the side yard pretty much all summer.

The biggest swath of flowers I have right now are the 4 o'clocks, mirabilis jalapa. It would be an even bigger swath if I left them alone. Although I've pulled lots of the volunteers this year I returned from the Garden Blogger Fling in San Francisco to a huge explosion of them all over the bush beans. The bush beans may never recover.

Ornamental oregano Herrenhousen (below) has spread a bit and a nice patch of it blankets a sunny area in the back garden.  Oregano Hopley's Purple has spread in the front garden and is a bit more what I guess you could call invasive. It's pretty, though, as a ground cover and I will just need to remember to rein it in a little next spring. 

July is a time of many blooms in my Sunset zone 9b garden. Pelargoniums, plumbago auriculata, salvias, alstroemeria, tulbaghia violacea, wax begonias, and zinnias are some of the other blooms. For lots of blooms from gardens all around the world head over to see Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


Kathy said...

Very pretty. I have a relative of the four-o'clocks, Mirabilis longiflora. It is a pot plant that goes dormant and spends the winter in the basement. The flowers are very fragrant which is why I keep it going.

Gail said...

Coneflowers rule July...I am seeing them everywhere this GBBD! Which is a very good thing. I love four-o'clocks, maybe I can plant them in the vinca and let them duke it out! gail

Diana said...

The wisteria is stunning. Ours bloomed eons ago, but it is taking over my fence. I keep looking at it and thinking I need to prune it -- but it's overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blooms. I once tried to grow Hymenocallis, but it didn't take here. Love yours.~~Dee

growingagardenindavis said...

Kathy...those sound better than mine...they have next to no fragrance at all. But they are tenacious Gail so you should try them! Diana, the reason the wisteria keeps blooming is that I try hard to take all the seed pods off. It seems to work! That hymenocallis is something I got years ago from some catalog purchase Dee. They do seem to be happy here.

Lea said...

Lovely flowers!
I bought Peruvian Daffodil this year, and it has bloomed very pretty. I am hoping it will over-winter for me here in zone 7.
Your Header photo is stunning!
Have a wonderful week!
Lea's Menagerie