Monday, December 17, 2012

Garden Blogger Bloom Day December 2012

We have had several close to freezing nights but we have yet to cross that 32º line. So although we have been having a welcome amount of rain and its corresponding dreary skies there are still quite a few blooms in the Davis December garden. Rosa Demitasse is making up for having ragged, unappealing foliage this summer by blooming its heart out lately.

The wax begonias in containers continue to bloom. They will soon be knocked back by frost, to return next spring. I like them in containers since at that point I can simply move them to a holding area till they look nice again.

Yellow agyranthemum brightens up the gloomy days. There is a bit of the ivy geranium, to the back left, that twines up into the black stem pittosporum which serves as winter protection.

A few California Giant zinnias remain. I've been stalling on pulling them out since they add such a nice color splash but I imagine they too will soon feel the bite of a freeze and be gone.

Mulberry Jam salvia helps brighten up another corner of the garden, and behind it one of the camellias is sporting buds. 

Tucked among the succulents and other tender container plants that are wintering under the patio cover is this orchid. I am not sure that it should be blooming now and I am wondering if I should bring it inside. 

Other blooms include solanum jasminoides, sweet alyssum, pansies, other roses, and cyclamen.

Since I am posting a few days late you can see many other bloom day posts from around the world by visiting Carol at May Dreams Gardens. They all posted on the 15th, as I meant to do. There is something about this time of year that has me running late!


Anonymous said...

You have so much left Leslie. Here, we are mostly brown foliage and gray skies. Such is winter sometimes.~~Dee

Melanie J Watts said...

Wow you have an orchid blooming under your patio, if only I could be so lucky :) Your garden is a wonderful sight for snow glazed eyes.

Jean Campbell said...

Wax begonias are among my favorites. I saved one that came up in the greenhouse floor, a pretty red that bloomed for Christmas.