Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Fruit Trees in a Small Space and a Contest

Fantasia nectarine blossom
Having lost my decades old plum tree 2 years ago I am thrilled to see blooms not only on the new Burgundy plum but also on the Fantasia nectarine. The Muir peach is just barely leafing out, with only a few tightly shut blossoms to be seen. But I have hope! Backyard fruit will again be mine!

Fantasia nectarine, Burgundy plum, Muir peach

These three trees are in the space my original plum occupied; I spent a fair amount of time trolling the internet for information on high density backyard fruit tree culture and I think I have a good set up. But when I get a copy of Fruit Trees in Small Spaces by Colby Eierman, I will be checking out my system to see if I am indeed good to go.

If you are thinking about adding fruit trees to your garden but are not sure how to fit them in to your space you will want to check out the contest at Timber Press, the publisher of Fruit Trees in Small Spaces.

Enter quickly and you might win your own copy of the book along with four other books from Timber Press. And to get you really going you could also win a bare-root fruit tree and 35 packets of organic heirloom vegetable seeds from one of my favorite places, Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply. As a matter of fact, we drove up to Peaceful Valley to pick up my trees just a few weeks ago and they are beautiful!


Fairegarden said...

Wow, Leslie, those are so beautiful! I have never seen fruit trees planted so close together before, but it sounds like you have done your research. Hooray for fruit!

Layanee said...

You will have fruit before you know it. The flowers are divine.

Carol Michel said...

I have no doubt that you will one day have bushel baskets of backyard fruit

Robin's nest said...

Looking forward to future pictures of your trees. I'm not good with fruit trees, usually because I don't spray them when I should. Can't wait for your future wisdom for the trees!

Unknown said...

Yay for backyard fruit!!! (But boo for my peach tree blooming at the same time yours is... I can't imagine that this will bode well for my fruit crop this year.)