Monday, February 27, 2012

Enjoy the Journey!

Many years ago I read a very short poem in a magazine...I think it was some teen focused magazine but I really don't remember which. I cut it out to save (today I could just pin it on Pinterest!) and I still have it, but it is ragged and at some point I laminated it with tape to prevent further deterioration. That poem struck me as something to ponder and I often wondered who wrote it since I neglected to cut out the author's name. I googled it more than once and finally it has turned up! The link shows it was printed in a high school newspaper in 1972, apparently written by a student,and it must have been sent in to the magazine at some point soon after that.

As we head closer to prime gardening season I'd like to share the poem with you...something to remember as we find ourselves in the midst of chores and seemingly endless, even if enjoyable, work.

                                     Stopping now and then to munch a dandelion
                                      I made my way into the afternoon.
                                     And when I reached my destination
                                      I found I had enjoyed the journey
                                     More than the arrival.

                                          Christin Wunderlin in the Spirit Lake Beacon,  Spirit Lake, Iowa

I hope you take the time to enjoy the journey...happy gardening!


Fairegarden said...

That is wonderful, Leslie, no wonder you saved it all these years!

Carol Michel said...

I like that... stopping to munch on a dandelion. I think it is about a rabbit...

Cindy, MCOK said...

Here's to slowing down and enjoying the journey!

Gail said...

I try to live life that way Leslie. One of the reasons I have the Waiting Bench in my garden is for me to sit and take time to be in the moment of my life. I do like that poem. xogail

Layanee said...

When the dandelions are in full puff ball stage, pick them and put them in a mason jar with a lid for those days when it is hard to find happiness in life. The grandkids will love that. Loved the poem.

Debra said...

I have also kept that poem in a scrapbook since high school. How crazy is that?