Friday, November 25, 2011

Seasonal Musings

Fall has arrived...the trident maple leaves decided to fall this week. Cooler temperatures, some rain, the first fire in the fireplace. is that time of year. Not my favorite because it somehow makes me sad for no known reason. Maybe it was all those years growing up in snow country and thinking I am soon to be stuck indoors.

However, that is not so true here in Central California. Instead of snow on the ground I have beet and carrot seedlings sprouting.

The dutch iris are a couple feet tall... 

      and the freesias are coming up through the falling leaves.

 Lettuce, planted in a pot and covered with wire to keep the rascally sparrows from eating it before we can, is also sprouting.

 Garlic chive seed heads and fading zinnias mix with sprouting bulbs, promising spring will be here before I know it.

Even so, the succulents are tucked in various protected places. 

Because spring isn't all THAT close.

It will just be a little while.


Robin Ripley said...

Wow! Look at all those plants you have protected. I still need to get someone w/a strong back to help with mine. And I completely empathize with your feelings about fall. I wrote about the very same thing today!

Carol Michel said...

Your winter looks like a gardener's paradise compared to mine. I will be stuck inside all winter! Thanks for sharing your garden with us today.

Fairegarden said...

How heartening to see those little seedlings! Even as one season fades into memories, new ones are beginning. Love the knife end! Your succulents look very happy, too. I hope that cheers you up!

Elsie Bee said...

Do you have any solutions for protecting my winter vegs from turkeys?

Elsie Bee said...
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growingagardenindavis said...

Robin...I saw that! 2 sides of the country, similar thoughts.
I know Carol...I really have nothing to complain about :)
Thanks FG! Those knives are thrift shop finds that have plant names stamped into them. My first attempts.
I am not sure Elsie Bee...they seem pretty strong. I'd guess you would need a sturdy cage...maybe chicken wire? Aren't they amazing to see wandering around town!

Unknown said...

I try NOT to be stuck inside all winter... Coco helps me with that, as you can imagine!... but I still feel a little wistful at this time of the year, too. I think (in my case) it's because of all of those grand plans that were not realized over the past summer. :-P

Hope that you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Leslie!

Layanee said...

I like the rhythm of your seasons. Sprouting beets in late can be done.

Gail said...

Fall is almost over here in Middle Tennessee. I am going to miss it, too. I do like your knife as plant marker~I have a few pieces that might work! gail