Sunday, August 15, 2010

GBBD August 2010

The under-the-plum-tree bed is a collection of pots (as well as home to the wisteria roots) and right now the succulents are happy and the potted begonias are all in full bloom. I love these begonias...they've been in these pots for about four years now, dying back each winter and popping back to life each spring. I really need more of these. Of course, part of the reason they are so happy is that we are in the midst of one of the coolest summers on record...guess we have every one else's weather and they have ours. Sorry about that.

The mirabilis, or as they are more commonly called, four o'clocks, are blooming too, at least early in the day and in the later afternoon. Or, in other words, when the sun is not directly on them. These are the remnants of seeds planted many years ago and right now I'm enjoying the way they somewhat hide, or at least temper the look of, the plastic that covers a chunk of my usual vegetable attempt to kill off the root knot nematodes that have taken hold here. Not a pretty picture so all you get to see is the bit that you might notice behind these blooms.

This ivy geranium has begun to climb the nearby black stem pittosporum (Pittosporum tenuifolium). I'm hoping to get it even more entwined so I can see more of the blooms that are often on the ground.
The pansy rates a spot because it has no business blooming right now...just another sign of our weird weather. Another would be...

this iris which along with four or five others has gotten confused and decided it must be spring. I don't blame it...we've had springs with very similar weather.

Several anisodonteas are blooming. They don't really mind the cooler weather any more than they would if it were 100 degrees. This is Elegant Lady.
The side of the vegetable garden not covered in plastic is planted in marigolds...just an experiment to see how they do in repelling those lousy nematodes. 
August has arrived with lots of other blooms, mostly due to the cooler than typical weather which may start to heat up soon. Or not. Who knows, as this has shaped up to be a strange summer on many fronts.
Other blooms include the wisteria which has continued to produce secondary blooms for weeks now, allysum, society garlic, agapanthus, all the veggies, pelargoniums, multiple salvias and lavenders, hollyhocks, bat-faced cuphea, foxgloves, miniature roses, Rosa Flower Girl, Rosa New Dawn, solanums, abutilons, nepeta, echinaceas, alstroemerias, erodium, star jasmine and some of the succulents.
Carol, at May Dreams Gardens, invites gardeners to share their blooms each month on the 15th ( I know I'm late!) Check here to see other posts from around the world.


Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Things are definitely looking up in Davis right now. Can I come visit your cooler weather? Pretty please? I love your blooms.~~Dee

Frances said...

Hi Leslie, your weather sounds delightful and your garden looks lovely. What a shock to see a pansy now, and Iris! I love those little marigolds, hope they do the trick for the nasty buggars! :-)

Layanee said...

Spring weather in summer doesn't sound so bad. I have to go to the tropical house to see Anisodonteas. Now I will just visit you.

Unknown said...

Your ivy geraniums climb things?! And your iris rebloom in confusing summers? Sounds like you live in paradise, to me! ;)

Hope that your marigolds do the trick. How will you know? (I'm asking because I--luckily--haven't had to deal with nematodes.)

p.s. My captcha word is "pestrons"--seems fitting for the nematodes!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Clustering the containers where nothing will compete in the ground with the Wisteria is a great idea. I love the bonus Iris blooms.

Carol Michel said...

Yes, that pansy and that iris are definitely lost or confused or both! What great weather you are having, at least for the flowers!

Cindy, MCOK said...

I'm glad someone's having cooler summer weather ... I'd come visit you to partake of it but I'd probably bring the hot weather with me!