Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wanted: The Right Plant For This Trellis

I had my gate rebuilt a couple of months ago and have been working on making this entry to my garden feel more welcoming. I finally realized a small trellis to tie it to the color of the house trim was what it needed. So this morning I built a simple trellis out of 1x2 inch redwood, painted it and hung it on the fence with small spacers. Now comes the fun part...I need to decide on a small, evergreen, full sun plant to complete the project. I don't want to have to work to keep a plant in line here and this spot gets wicked heat on summer afternoons. It also doesn't get watered especially well so that is another constraint. I'm trying to stay away from the nursery until I make a decision...or at least until the paint dries.


Chris said...

I love questions like this. I'll be eager to see what you decide.

How about a mandevilla? Or I see on the San Marcos Growers site a Kennedia coccinea - Coral Vine - that looks like it meets all your requirements.

Ordinary star jasmine could be nice too. You'd have to prune it back, but it takes that well and seems to be pretty much indestructible. I especially love it this time of year, when the smell is so heavenly.

Gail said...

I only know unruly or demanding vines! What about a simple annual like Black Eyed Susan Vine~Thunbergia? gail

Patio Furniture said...

Try Hydrangea petiolaris one of the best climbing plants against a North facing wall. White flowers against bright green foliage, then bright yellow autumn foliage.