Monday, March 15, 2010

GBBD March 2010

In the front door bed cyclamen, primrose and snapdragons bloom. The cyclamen are from Christmases past...I always tuck them in the ground and they rebloom in following years, but never again in time for Christmas.The freesias in this pot bloom before any of the ones in the ground. Maybe this year I'll remember to plant them somewhere and put something I like the color of better in the pot.
Tulbaghia fragrans often blooms earlier...and it tried to but got knocked back by frost. It has recovered and is now blooming here and there nicely.Anisodontea Elegant Lady has just begun to bloom, also in the front door bed.

Loropetelum chinense Sizzling Pink blooms in front of Camellia Chandleri Elegans.The succulents are still biding their time under the patio cover but this one decided to celebrate the warmer weather.
I need to do some research and figure out which little daffodil this is...I'm sure the tag is here somewhere.

The Bradford pear in the front yard is just coming into bloom...with it's characteristic stinky fragrance.This little bed has muscari, iris bucharica and, behind the pot, lavandula pinnata bucchii.

The rest of the list in bloom today is as follows:
Wax begonias
Anisodontea Hibiscus Bits
Anisodontea Elegant
LadyTulbaghia fragrans
Narcissus Avalanche
Rosa Flower Girl
Camellia Jordan's Pride
Camellia Chandleri Elegans
Chionodoxa Pink Giant
Loropetelum chinense Sizzling Pink
Solanum Jasminoides
Dwarf Carnation Evermore
Garden peas
Viburnum Spring Bouquet
Lavandula pinnata bucchii
Iris bucharica
Rosemary Tuscan Blue

A hint of what is coming soon is all I see today on the wisteria...but it won't be long now!

Check out other bloom lists by visiting our esteemed leader Carol, at May Dreams Gardens. See what's blooming today around the world!


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

A lot going on in Davis. I love those bright blooms. Happy Bloom Day dear friend.~~Dee

Kathy said...

Snapdragons are a summer plant for us, but daffodils are a spring plant. It looks like you have spring and summer mixed together there.

Lisa said...

How funny. I was just having a discussion about Bradford Pears with my sweetie. He didn't remember the funky smell, and thought I was making the whole thing up.

I distinctly remember having to close the windows in Baltimore, because the tree stunk up our bedroom so badly.

I found our blog through Blotanical. It's fun to read about the gardens of my "neighbors."

Yvonne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog in Italy- This GBBD idea really brings people together. I very much like the bright colours in your garden so early in the season - how cold does the temperature fall in winter?
Happy springtime,

Carol Michel said...

It's always interesting to see what you have blooming in your garden. I don't recognize some of the plants, but others are familiar to me more as houseplants.

I look forward to seeing that wisteria bloom!

Unknown said...

Lovely! I really like the shot of your front yard--seeing the Bradford against the dark house facade is really nice. And I love that the little succulent decided to celebrate spring with a bloom. Happy GBBD! :)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I really enjoyed seeing your dazzling blooms. Everything looks wonderful.

Helen @ Gardening With Confidence said...

Oh my, you would definitely have me at a front entrance HELLO. I must be wonderful to garden year round like that. H.

donna said...

Last year I planted freesias in a pot and not one of them grew. Guess they like California better.

Everything looks so pretty in your yard/garden. Brown is still the prevailing color here in zone 4.


Dirty Girl Gardening said...

I've never seen this Anisodontea... looks like a daphne flower...

Patrice said...

Definitely, you have a a beautiful bright colored flowers. I enjoyed looking at them